SW Coastal NRM Showcase Videos

South West Catchments Council (SWCC) Coastal Facilitator Chris Gibbs is in the process of producing a series of youtube videos (see links below) which showcase coastal NRM and community engagement projects across the south west. The videos highlight examples and methods used to combat common issues such as coastal erosion, informal access and minimising human impacts. “Over the past five years I have taken a heap of videos and photos demonstrating the different coastal projects I’ve seen or been involved with. I’m hoping that by collating these videos it will assist local governments, agencies and community groups to plan and implement future coastal NRM projects”. These videos are ‘living documents’ and will be edited and updated as new footage or projects become available. If you have something to add to these images or would like more information, please contact Chris Gibbs on 97806172 or chris.gibbs@agric.wa.gov.au.

Mechanical Brushing

Wind Fencing





Access Paths


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