The coastal stakeholder forums are the foundation of CoastSWaP, the objectives of these are to provide an opportunity for key coastal planners and managers to share up to date information on local issues, priorities and actions within the coastal zone, with the focus on identifying potential actions and management solutions.

Sub-regional forums are held annually for the Peel-Harvey, Leschenault, Geographe Bay, Capes and South Coast regions since 2014.

The concept is simple, plan and facilitate regular sub-regional forums, record and summarize the information discussed then share relevant information across the South West coastal network. These forums ‘pop the bubbles and fill the gaps’ between different departments, organisations and community groups. With everyone on the same page there is a greater opportunity for collaboration and combined resources and knowledge to implement more effective initiatives in a more efficient manner.

Where possible we try and invite a broad range of stakeholders to these forums, this includes:

  • Department of Planning/ Coastwest representatives
  • State NRM representatives
  • Shire Council representatives- councillors, environmental officers, engineers and planners.
  • Dept Parks and Wildlife representatives- district nature conservation and parks and visitor services, rangers.
  • Local Landholder representatives – private landholders or property managers, developers.
  • Southwest Aboriginal Land and Sea Council / Traditional Custodians
  • Regional and sub-regional catchment groups – Coastal project and community engagement officers
  • Research and education bodies – Universities, TAFES and schools participating in coastal management and planning projects.
  • Peron Naturaliste Partnership – Project officer
  • Coastal Community Groups – Coastcare and environmental group representatives.

The format is also relatively simple; each stakeholder presents a brief update on their organisations issues, priorities and actions. Other stakeholders are given an opportunity to ask questions, comment or make suggestions and the discussion can continue or move on to the next presenter as time permits. This is when vital knowledge and experience can be shared; a new staff or group member meets a wide range of stakeholders involved, a local government planner finds out some important information from an environmental officer, the community group members share experiences that assist with planning and implementation of an on ground project.

However the information shared is often not only relevant for those who attend the forums, but for stakeholders across the region. CoastSWaP therefore compiles, summarises and distributes this information through it’s growing network via the CoastSWaP website, emails and personal communication and in future through case studies, newsletters and articles.

See our Coastal Stakeholder Forums case study  for more information as well as the minutes from each forum below.

2017 Sub-regional Coastal Stakeholder Forums

South Coast (Walpole to Black Point) Forum

Capes and Geography (Black Point to Capel)

Leschenault (Dalyalup – Myalup)

Peel (Myalup – Madora Bay)

2016 Coastal Stakeholder Forums





Walpole – Black Point

South Coast (Albany)

2015 Forums





Walpole – Donnelly

2014 Forums

Sub-regional Forums 2014 Minutes

2014 Forums – Summary Themes and Topics

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