Forums 2016 – A Lot Gained

Stakeholders at the 2016 Capes Coastal Forum

Fifty people from thirty eight groups attended the five coastal stakeholder forums held late last year by CoastSWaP between Mandurah and Walpole. Local governments, Parks and Wildlife, Catchment and Coastcare groups met across the Peel-Harvey and South West regions to discuss their coastal management activities and share in their successes and challenges.

It was the third year in a row the forums were held and they have been very well received by those who have attended.  Apart from the ‘standard’ benefits of catching up on what everyone was up to, meeting new people involved and networking, a few highlights from the forums included:

  • Shire of Harvey’s revegetation program focused on Spinifex plantings
  • the Coastal Condition Assessment project in Prevelly and Gnarabup
  • camera surveillance in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park
  • the Preston Beach Volunteer Ranger program
  • the formation of a new group in Gracetown
  • Victorian Tea Tree removal and community engagement in Windy harbour
  • the many coastal education activities across the regions

The forums also identified regional issues that need addressing. These include:

  • a lack of funding and resources for coastal environmental protection
  • a decline in coastcare community group volunteers and coordinators
  • the increase in Off Road Vehicle impacts and inappropriate use on the coast

You can view and download the minutes from each forum here .

Apart from the benefits of sharing information with stakeholders, perhaps one of the most important outcomes from these forums is the increased level of collaboration and integration between groups and organisations in their local areas. With all the ‘key players’ in the room, stakeholders can work out how they can pool resources and skills together to work more efficiently and effectively to reach their shared objectives.

The forums have provided the basis of information for a significant series of  ten case studies just completed by CoastSWaP. The case studies cover key coastal management topics and provide up to date information on topics such as revegetation, stabilisation, adaptation planning, coastal access, monitoring and evaluation  and the status of coastcare in the Peel- Harvey and South West regions. They also include an in depth interview with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC) coastal program coordinator Dr Mic Payne, to find out more about their projects. You can view and download the case studies here.

These forums could not have been carried out if it wasn’t for the support from local governments and Coastwest.

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