Joanne Ludbrook – Project Officer

Joanne is a Project Coordinator with the South West and Peel Coastal Management Group and Woolkabunning Kiaka inc.

Joanne has been a passionate Coastal Volunteer and Practitioner for almost 20 years. Jo is currently the Vice President of the Australian Coastal Society, the coordinator of the Western Australian branch and a Committee Member of the Western Australian Landcare Network.

Joanne studied Integrated Catchment and Coastal Zone Management and has also been the Coastal Adaptation Coordinator for the Peron Naturaliste Partnership for 8 years.


PeterPeter Eastlake – Treasurer

Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering, FIE Aust, CPEng (Ret) and has had over 45 years’ experience as a Structural and Land Development engineer throughout Western Australia and in the UAE. This has included coastal projects such as the Marlston Hill, Marlston Waterfront and Back Beach developments in Bunbury, flood control gates in the Wonnerup Estuary, and a residential development located within the dunal area of Warnbro. Peter has also spent many years both holidaying and living at Preston Beach which combined with the work experience has given him an understanding of coastal process and a love of the Coast. Peter has been a member of CoastSwap for some 4 years and is currently the Treasurer.

MarkMark Kennedy – Chairperson

Mark has been involved in hands-on coastal and land rehabilitation since 1988, when in moving to the family property north of Myalup, he worked with one of the first coastal environmental contractors in Western Australia.  (Environmental Field Services Pty Ltd)  Since that time he has managed/worked on many Coastcare and Landcare projects between Perth and the south coast of WA.  He has also been involved in native plant nurseries, having his own nursery at Myalup for 8 years, then managing Leschenault Community Nursery in Bunbury for 6 years.  In that time, he was a pioneer in coastal dune grasses, deep dune planting techniques and many propagation trials.  He joined the Coastswap committee in 2004 and has had many roles in the organisation in that time.  He is currently a native seed collector and dune rehabilitation consultant.

Karl Ilich – Committee Member

Karl is a coastal engineer with 12 years professional experience within Western Australia. He has extensive experience in the evaluation of coastal processes and the implementation of sustainable coastal management practices and has developed bottom-up practical frameworks and guidelines to enable sustainable coastal management.

Karl’s experience includes a wide variety of coastal projects from initiation to completion including: monitoring and data analysis; coastal zone investigations; adaptation planning; climate change assessment and advice; structure design; construction management; structural condition inspection; shore protection; maintenance dredging; community engagement; and environmental monitoring.

Katherine Charles – Communications 

Katherine completed a bachelor of Surf Science and Technology in 2010 involving the study of marine science and coastal zone management. Her studies included oceanography, marine biology, beach morphology, coastal zone management and contemporary issues. Katherine completed the work of 6 consultants during her final thesis to write a coastal zone management plan for her local surf town,Yallingup. This document can be used as a reference for management recommendations and coastal profile change over time.

Recently completing a Graduate Diploma in Education with a focus for sustainability and conservation, Charles aims to share and increase coastal environment knowledge with future generations and communities.

Her communications role involves providing information between Coast SWaP committee members, stakeholders and the broader public, assisting CoastSWaP groups to increase their capacity to enhance coastal conservation efforts. Katherine is also responsible for updating digital platforms and designing documents of the current Case Studies for public viewing. 


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