Case Studies

CoastSwaP Case Studies 2018

Coast SWaP – Case Study 1 – Partnerships and managing the coast

Case Study 1 : Working together to care for the coast.

Coast SWaP – Case Study 2 – Urban coastal species

Case Study 2 – Urban coastal environments and managing critical habitats. Beach nesting birds and Western Ringtail Possum.

Coast SWaP – Case Study 3 – Coastal Access

Case Study 3 – Coastal visitor management – Managing cross access points on coastal and estuary foreshore nodes.

CoastSwaP Case Studies 2017

From 2014 – 2016 CoastSwaP ran a series of annual sub-regional stakeholder forums between Mandurah and Walpole (see forums page here). The information gained from these forums was not only valuable to those who attended, but also to other stakeholders  in the broader network and SW region. Therefore CoastSwaP  successfully applied for funding from the Australian Government’s 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants program in 2015 to develop a series of case studies based on key topics identified from the forums.

This included information on successful programs, projects and methods developed by stakeholders that have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their coastal management work, such as; revegetation using spinifex, brushing techniques and calculation, volunteer ranger programs, coastal condition assessments and our stakeholder forums. Other case study topics include snapshots of the WA Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning (CHRMAP) framework, and the status of coastcare and coastal management in the Peel Harvey and South West regions.

It is hoped that these Case Studies will help to inspire and encourage coastal managers to; implement similar successful projects where suitable, engage and share further information with stakeholders and work together to address priority issues. What we affectionately term as ‘popping the bubbles and filling the gaps’!

#1 Improving Coastal Dune Revegetation

#2 Brushing and Dune Stabilisation

#3 Off Road Vehicle Management

#4 Coastal Condition Assessment

#5 Coastal Stakeholder Forums

#6 Coastal Adaptation Planning

#7 Regional Coastal Management + Video Interview (YouTube)- Dr Michael Payne                                              Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

#8 Status of Coastcare in the South West Region (Binningup – Walpole)

#9 Status of Coastcare in the Peel Harvey Region

#10 Coastal Pedestrian Access on Sandy Coasts

I would like to sincerely thank CoastSWaP committee members Chiara Danese, Peter Eastlake and Mark Kennedy for their supervision, support and input towards this project. I would also like to thank all the stakeholders who provided information for the case studies – Blair Darvill

This case study series is dedicated to coastcare champion Chris Gibbs.

This project is supported by the South West and Peel Coastal Management Group (CoastSWaP), through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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