CoastSWaP was formed in 1990 to assist coastal managers, particularly local governments to share information and provide solutions on how best to deal with common coastal management problems throughout the South West. The group successfully negotiated with the state and federal governments for the development of a Coastcare program in the South West, which included the employment of coastal facilitators and project funding.

In 2017 Jo Ludbrook, an experienced south west coastal facilitator joined the Coast SWaP Team. Blair Darvill handed the Project Officer role and with assistance from the Committee, CoastSWaP has since achieved the outcomes outlined below.

The CoastSWap committee, have a passion for sustainability and coastal zone management as well as facilitating the sharing of knowledge and work of environmental groups in the South West. CoastSWaP long term member Noel Dew, has been named the Patron and Lifetime Member, Noel was one of the founding members of CoastSWaP.

Committee and Members at the 2018 AGM

2018 Outcomes

  • Completed 3 Coastal Management Case Studies
  • Presented South West and Peel Coastal Management Group at WA Landcare Forum

2017 Outcomes

  • Four Coast SWaP Sub-regional Coastal Stakeholder Forums were held in 2017 – South Coast, Capes and Geography, Leschenault and Peel regions. 
  • Presented on South West and Peel Coastal Management Group at WA NRM and Coastal Conference
  • 2017 Coastal Awards for Excellence WA Coastal Award – Community Group

2016 Outcomes

  • Delivered 5 Coastal stakeholder forums Peel–Harvey, Leschenault, Geographe, Capes and Warren sub-regions
  • Completed 10 Coastal Management Case Studies
  • Attended and presented at the South Coast Management forum
  • Developed new Strategic Plan
  • Filled all committee positions
  • Streamlined governance and administration process
  • Represented coastal stakeholders through membership and committee position with the West Australian Landcare Network
  • Reached 100 likes on Facebook

Stakeholders at the 2016 Walpole- Black Point Forum

2015 Outcomes

  • 5 Coastal Stakeholder Forums held in the Peel–Harvey, Leschenault, Geographe, Capes and Warren sub-regions.
  • Assisted the South West Catchment Council with the development of the South West NRM Region Coastal Action Plan.
  • Updating the CoastSWaP website.
  • Updating of the CoastSWaP network database (currently at 250 coastal stakeholders).
  • Development of a CoastSWaP Facebook Page (100 likes)
  • Successful application with Coastwest to conduct 6 stakeholder forums in 2016
  • Developing 10 Coastal Management Case Studies (for completion July 2016).
  • Representing SW Coastal stakeholders on the West Australian Landcare Network Committee.
  • Filling all committee positions for 2016 including two new members Chiara Danese and Olivia Blizard
  • Assisting the City of Busselton and South West Catchments Council apply for a State NRM Grant to plan and implement a community volunteer ranger program.

2014 Outcomes

  • 4 Coastal Stakeholder Forums held in the Peel–Harvey, Leschenault, Geographe and Capes sub-regions.
  • 3 Coastal Climate Change Community Information Sessions conducted in Mandurah, Preston Beach and Bunbury in conjunction with the Peron Naturaliste Partnership.
  • CoastSWaP represented at National Coastal Conference in Mandurah through two presentations and the facilitation of a Mandurah – Bunbury field trip.
  • Council memberships renewed for Mandurah, Waroona, Harvey, Bunbury and Margaret River Local Governments
  • Development of the CoastSWaP website
  • 210 coastal stakeholders entered into the CoastSWaP database.
  • Successful application with Coastwest to conduct 5 stakeholder forums in 2015
  • Successful application with Landcare to develop 10 coastal planning and management case studies
  • Renewed support and recognition from the South West Catchments Council
  • CoastSWaP accepted into Western Australia Landcare Network (WALN) and Project Officer Blair Darvill appointed as committee member.

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